Fear, that little bastard is inside of every one of us. We all have been once or more times terrified to death, frozen like ice or unable to move and talk – we all feel fear!

Let me explain what the fear is:

F – false
E – evidence
A – appearing
R – real

…got it?

If you want to gain control over your fears, your first job is to understand where it is coming from. You can be afraid for many reasons and when you identify the source, then it is easy to make that fear your accelerator.

Fear is a chemical reaction in your body. A play of hormones. It is a reaction of your body on external impulses that interact with you mentally.

Your fear is only a state of mind affecting the whole body.

But why are you afraid at all? …it is quite simple.

You are afraid of things you have bad or no experience with.

If a bad guy threatens you on the street, you are afraid to fight him because your exeperience is that you connect fighting with pain and loss. Nobody wants to get hurt …even the bad guy, but his experience is different than yours.

The only way to gain control over your fear and body is through training and improving your self confidence.

Self confidence is the very key to controlling your fears.

Go to the gym, lift some iron, gain strength and confidence. Stretch to improve your agility and speed ….and self confidence. Do what ever you like that improves your body somehow. That is the easiest way to be confident about your selves.

Another great thing …learn how to fight. That has enormous effect on everything. Not only your street fight abilities but it is connected with everything you do in your life.

Knowing how to defend your self effectively will help you at work, at home, among friends and also on the streets or in the bars.

Learn not only martial arts but mainly the real self defense. That is a big one since you learn only the most effective and simplest combat tactics you need for street fight – that is the war and street fight.

Drill, work, train and improve. Be confident with your self and learn some fight system and avoid being controlled by your fears.

It is time to stand your ground!