Confront your fears. Take stock of your fears and make a pact to conquer them today.Do you fear flying-take that first flight to freedom, do you fear heights – Bungy Jump your way to see the world as you never have before, if you fear public speaking, join a toastmasters club in your area.

Imagine. Imagine yourself in the most difficult of situations, like being in a zombie apocalypse with machine guns, chainsaws, and machetes. Imagine the thrill, the excitement, the experience of going through something so difficult, yet so exciting. The power of being strong also gives you adrenaline rush.

Music. A key factor for feeling an adrenaline rush. Play fast music and dance to it. This does actually give you adrenaline rush. You just got to “feel” the music and the vibe to it. It also motivates you to do things at a faster pace. It can also get you pumped up for an important event, like a track competition.

Put yourself in a stealth situation. Being stealthy and taking part in a situation where there is a risk of getting caught and/or getting into trouble is sure to raise adrenaline levels. This doesn’t mean go rob a bank or do something seriously illegal. If you are a student at a “no gum policy” school, risk chewing gum once and a while while attempting not to get caught. If you are an adult, attempt to secretly look at your co-workers’ emails. Bottom line, do something that makes you very nervous but won’t get you arrested or anything if you get caught.