George Lepine

Remember when me, George Lepine, told you that my life is all about Taekwondo ?

I have a great news to announce you today !
I finally decided to take in a student and teach her, (yes you heard it, HER !) everything I know about martial arts and combat.

There she is, beautiful as a rose, deadly as a snake.

george lepine taekwondo

She’s already very strong in my opinion. She could really get better than me but she needs time.
Taekwondo needs years, decades to be mastered.
There is so much to be taught and yet so short time to do it, here is a list of what I planned to teach her :

– Techniques and history of taekwondo
– Stretching
– Self-defense techniques
– Meditation exercises such as breathing control and emotion control
– Throwing techniques
– Breaking techniques of items like bricks, tiles, and blocks.

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