TIP #1. Before you eat breakfast (and it’s vitally important to eat breakfast to get your calorie burning metabolism started), go for a brisk walk around your block for 20 to 30 minutes (or on a treadmill). And then wait until after you shower to eat.

Did you know your body will burn DOUBLE the fat if you exercise before eating in the morning? It’s true. Why? Your blood sugar levels are lower in the morning so your body will dip into your fat stores faster. It’s a great trick you should try right away.

TIP #2. Before or during your walk, drink 24 oz of pure, fresh water to hydrate your body. Your body confuses thirst for hunger so it’s important to drink water all day long. (I drink 90 oz of water during the day, total. That’s about half my body weight in ounces.) What’s more, if your body isn’t properly hydrated, you won’t burn the fat as efficiently as you could. It takes water to burn the fat believe it or not.

TIP #3. Limit the white carbs. If you replace the white rice, white potatoes, white bread and white sugar you eat with unprocessed whole grains and veggies, you will really start to see a rapid reduction in body fat. This is because your body will be producing less of a fat storing hormone called insulin. Not to mention that you’ll naturally be eating fewer carb calories.

Now speaking of carbs, the plain and simple truth is that certain carbohydrates–especially the “bad” ones like those found in soft drinks, candy bars, ice cream, donuts, cinnamon rolls, milk chocolate, sugary cereals and all those tempting foods–are actually ADDICTIVE to certain parts of your brain. This makes following tip #3 above VERY difficult for a lot of people.

This is why (no matter how hard they try), some people just can’t stop eating these types of foods. And it has nothing to do with willpower. But it has EVERYTHING to do with your brain craving these foods and sending out constant signals for you to eat them.


Because these addictive foods calm us when we’re anxious, energize us when we feel down, and make us feel good… at least for a little while. It’s like we become slaves to sweets.