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I have not been writing much lately. Seems I am suffering from the same phenomenon as many sports athlete students have.
It is like a dead lock. Can’t find the spirit to go further.
One of the reasons might the fact I am working to much and have less time for sports and be amongst my sports friend and family.
The spirit is gone and I have to catch it back.
Well, today I am going a bit earlier to home from work and I will go to the Seongong, the Taekwondo gym were I am a part of.

Last weekend I had the the discussion with one of our students. Our A class students went to Luxemburg last weekend to compete in the Open Luxembourg tournament.
One of our promising athletes got gold and he used the mental advise I gave him. Also the artificial hyperventilation helped him a lot.
I asked him what the scores were of the 3 fights he had.
They were al won with great point differences.
For my this was the signal to move to the next step.
Coming Blogger posts will be about the rhythm during the fights.
I have seen all great fighters using this technique which I want to use for my clients, students and blogspot friends.

My inspiration is back and there are 5 students having certain goals which they are serious about.

My own goal is to make them European champion, world champion and the final move to Olympic Gold.
I know it is a long shot, it always is. Nevertheless we must try to let our dreams come true.

Soon I will be posting more.