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Yesterday I was watching a documentary about cyclist Thomas Dekker fron the Netherlands, who was a very promising cyclist to be belong in the top 10 in the world ranking. 3 months before the big Tour he received a phone call from the Swiss doping authority. He was found positive and was expelled for an extended time. According to Thomas he could not practise any sport. Meaning in competition. I noticed that this very young man was destroying his life. But before I go what I think of this young men is really irrelative. Most top athletes do tend to have a strange way of living. That should be ok, as long as they get the job done, because winning is all that count. Isn’t it??? The documentary was a report on his post expelled period of him being accused of using EPO. Al the people surrounding him who loves him were in it as well. Also his manager. Young guy with a lots of money, several houses and fame. It can be a deadly combination to people, especially young people. And watching the documentary I was hopibg to see someone who help him out with his training and physical comeback, no I watched closely to see if there was any mental coaching. Spiritual guider or whatever you may call it. Maybe there was and is such a person in his life, but I doubt it. Why? Because his physical comeback was disappointing. I believe with the right person at his side he would come back even stronger. This role should be the responsibility of his manager. I mean managing things is also taking care if things, isn’t it? Taking care of you investment and you income, means also taking care for the future and tackling all the problems a long the way. Mental coaching is so important and as long things go well, mental coaching is at the background, but we all now that life has it’s ups and downs. I wish Thomas the best and may he find someone who can really help him.