7th Fenix Mental Coaching

I have been off-line for a long time. Last year even I could not find the energy and time to pursue my career as Mental Coach.

Though out the years I have noticed for the athletes in the Netherlands to grasp the theory behind mental coaching. Not strange although, because it is not very popular. More or less you see it in the top range of the professional sports athletes in the Netherlands and also not in all ranges of sports.

For the ones who still with me, know I have an unusual way of working. I am a self learner. No fancy diploma’s, none of that stuff. I use my fast experience and especially in the martial arts I have my experience and broad network of athletes. Some successful and some not. Depends on how you interpret successful.

The regular mental coaches, if I may call it that way (no offence) have very good procedures and methods, to help the athlete with various problems. All good, but I do not believe it is the best way to work.

I guess it is a part of my nature, being a rebel and always challenging myself and others as well. I am not unique in any way, nor special in this field of work. I am different. I use a different approach, which desires more effort from my side and less from the athlete in the beginning.

2 athletes have been working with me for more than 4 years now. I will not mention there names yet.

One has been the first Taekwon-do athlete who won a medal at the Youth Olympics and the other Taekwon-do athlete has won the European Championship in the past. Both are adults now and continue with there consults.